Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Vintage Anthrpologie Chair $25- SOLD

This vintage chair rocks! It looks so Anthro :)
It's only $25 because it needs a new bottom cushion. I had it in our den with an oversized pillow as the cushion and it worked quite well :) 
It would be beautiful re-covered! It's super sturdy and made very well. 
If you are or know any photographers, this would make a great prop for photo shoots!
(first email or comment first serve)


  1. Hey Carly,
    I am loving this chair! I'm going to ask my mother in law if it's cheap to have things recovered in Taiwan and if it is I'm all over this. That is of course if no one else has already claimed it.:) Funny, we actually are having a sale this weekend too, but my stuff isn't half as cute as yours!:)

  2. In order or responses:

    First dibs: Megan F.
    Second: Emily S.
    Third: Michelle G.