Tuesday, March 29, 2011

rod iron blanket/towel rack $25-SOLD

Chad bought this in Mexico a few years back. It's really pretty and solid rod iron.
It's super functional and looks great at the end of a bed with a throw on it. We just added a crib to our room, so it was time for this cool guy to go :(  
It could be very pretty out by a pool too, with pool towels on it!
( first comment or email first serve :)


  1. Hi Carly!
    I'm interested in this. Also, if you happen to have any bookcases, entry way furniture or outside furniture I would be interested. Thought I'd put in my order at the best shop in town! Ha ha.
    Melissa Matthews

  2. Melissa, You were the first! If you want it it's yours! There are now two people who want it if you don't so let me know if you for sure want it!

    I will post some more items tonight, one table could be great for an entry way?!

    Talk soon, CJ

  3. I will take it and the entry table as well. It might actually be used as a desk for me. But that's the fun of it, right? Moving stuff around to see how it fits!

    Thanks - what time is the sale on Saturday??